GRANT COUNTY: $125K granted for funding the EOC

GRANT COUNTY: $125K granted for funding the EOC

The Grant County Court met in a special meeting yesterday afternoon. Grant County EOC Logistics and Section Chief Steve Fletcher said a local informational website has been set up for residents:

“The website is up. It is, and that is being updated. It has more information from a variety of sources than any of the other existing websites.”

Find videos of the full meeting on our My Grant/Harney County Facebook page.

The main topic of discussion during the meeting was funding of the Emergency Operations Center. Incident Commander Dave Dobler provided the court with documents showing the costs of supply procurement, staffing and other expenditures. Find those documents attached near the bottom of the page.

The original “ask” was for $250,120 to fund the Emergency Operations Center for 90 days. The court agreed to cut that timeline in half, and provide half the funding ($125,060). The situation will be reassessed in 45 days.

Meanwhile, folks with questions can email the EOC at Anyone present with COVID-19 symptoms is urged to call 211 or the Grant County Health Department at 541-575-0429.


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