OREGON:  Seniors are Oregon’s top priority

OREGON: Seniors are Oregon’s top priority

The school closure due to COVID-19 is unprecedented and the impact it will have on Oregon’s public schools is unknown. Meanwhile, state education officials are working on a number of scenarios, even though there is no guarantee that schools will be back in operation on April 29.

InterMountain Education Service District Superintendent Mark Mulvihill has been involved in talks with state officials. He said that educators are giving top priority to forming a plan for 12th-grade students.

“We’re spending a ton of time on this year’s seniors,” he said. “They have been prioritized over any other group. What are we going to do to get these kids to graduate so they’re moving on into college in the fall?”

Currently, Oregon’s high school seniors must have 24 credits to graduate. That could change.

“There is a conversation of a 19-credit diploma with more flex on electives, as well as a decrease in the English language arts,” Mulvihill said. “Students may not have to test.”

He says he expects the state to issue a graduation plan for the class of 2020 sometime this week.