PENDLETON:  A strain on local law enforcement

PENDLETON: A strain on local law enforcement

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s latest order regarding closures to stop the spread of COVID-19 means local law enforcement has more work to do. Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts said he doesn’t have the manpower to knock on every door and check on compliance, however, his officers will be attentive to potential violations.

Roberts said the first contact will simply be an attempt to educate.

“However, if somebody just decides, ‘I’m not taking heed of the governor’s authority,’ then we’ll have to take enforcement action,” Roberts said. “I really don’t anticipate we’re going to encounter any of those situations.”

Roberts said it’s his department’s duty to follow the law, and he doesn’t think Brown is making the decisions lightly.

“I think on a national scale there’s a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money being devoted to suppressing this disease and, quite frankly, we have a role and responsibility to assist in that effort,” he said.