BAKER COUNTY:  Move over, it’s the law!

BAKER COUNTY: Move over, it’s the law!

Move over it is the law. January is Move Over Month. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, “Drivers must move over to a non-adjacent lane (or slow down) when approaching the rear of police, fire, and ambulance vehicles, as well as any motor vehicle that is stopped and is displaying required warning lights or hazard lights, or a person is indicating distress by using emergency flares or posting emergency signs.
Most importantly, drivers should be alert. If you can safely move over when approaching a vehicle stopped for an emergency, do so. If you can’t, slow down.
Slow down means reducing your speed by at least five miles per hour below the posted speed of the roadway.
The fine for this violation is currently $265.00 ($525.00 if the location is within a safety corridor, school zone or work zone.)”