UMATILLA COUNTY:  Committee works on new priorities

UMATILLA COUNTY: Committee works on new priorities

A group of Pendleton boosters is setting their legislative priorities for the future. The advisory committee formed when members became concerned that Pendleton was not getting its fair share from the Oregon Legislature.

Umatilla County Board of Commissioners Chairman George Murdock is one member and he said a new and complex priority for the group is to expand Pendleton’s urban growth boundary in the interest of more development

“In Hermiston, they have a huge urban growth boundary,” he said. “Pendleton’s, for some reason or another, wasn’t as large.”

Murdock says the group is also spreading outside the Pendleton city limits as well. Another priority will be for the cities of Athena and Weston.

“The fire district in Athena-Weston, which has limited legislative clout, has asked if we would help them a bit,” Murdock said. “They really desperately need to build a new fire station.”

The committee will also continue to work to get a federal grant for the proposed reconstruction of the Interstate 84/Exit 209 interchange in Pendleton.

In addition to Murdock, members of the committee include City Manager Robb Corbett, Mayor John Turner, attorney Steve Corey, former lawmaker Mike Thorne, Port of Umatilla Director Kim Puzey, Blue Mountain Community College President Dennis Bailey, and InterMountain Education Service District, Superintendent Mark Mulvihill.