BAKER CITY:  Be the I in Kind

BAKER CITY: Be the I in Kind

Students and staff at South Baker Intermediate School in Baker City are highlighting those who are kind, in a new program they are calling “Be the I in Kind.” According to Cassie Moore, Dean of Students, this was an idea that came after a staff member saw something online that she thought would be a fun way to inspire kindness in the school.
According to Moore, students and staff nominate each other to be highlighted based on acts of kindness. Those can include someone who is using kind words, being helpful or kind to others in any other form of kindness.
After a nomination for being kind the person who was nominated has their photo taken in front of a sign at the school that reads “Be the I in Kind”. The student or staff stands in place of the letter I. (see photo).
Moore says that students are excited to be a part of this and enjoy being nominated for being kind. The hope is to highlight the good things happening at the school and to encourage students to focus on kindness and positivity.
A couple of examples of recent kindness include one student who was seen being kind and respectful out in the community. Another student was nominated after helping a fellow student with login information on a computer after forgetting how to log in themselves. Another student was nominated after helping a special needs student off the playground.
For a look at students and staff who have been nominated log on to the South Baker Intermediate Facebook page.