BAKER COUNTY:  Stormy weather means power outages

BAKER COUNTY: Stormy weather means power outages

The average Idaho Power customer is without power for less than two hours a year. But sometimes, like in the case of extreme weather, longer outages can occur. Fortunately, customers can be ready for any outage, short or long.

Prepare now:
• Sign up to receive alerts of outages at your house through My Account at
• Learn how to manually open security gates and garage doors.
• Plan ahead and gather a kit with important items to have on hand in case of an outage. Visit for suggestions on what to include.
• Report trees that have branches growing into or very near power lines by calling Idaho Power customer service at 208-388-2323.
If the power goes out:
• Check Idaho Power’s Outage Map at or call 1-800-488-6151 to view or report outages.
• Use battery-powered lights instead of candles.
• Never use an electric generator indoors, inside the garage or near the air intake of your house.
• Turn off appliances, machinery, and equipment that were in use when the power went out. Turn off electric ranges or space heaters to prevent the possibility of a fire if you’re away when power is restored. Keep one light on so you know when power has been restored.
• Avoid opening refrigerator and freezer doors to keep food cold longer.
• If you see a downed power line, stay at least 100 feet back and report it to Idaho Power by calling 1-800-488-6151, or call 911.