LA GRANDE:  Deadline is nearing for comments

LA GRANDE: Deadline is nearing for comments

(Press release from Jim Kreider, Stop B2H Coalition)

The deadline is looming—one week left–and the Stop B2H Coalition does not want you to miss it! The coalition has volunteers to help people write and submit their comments on the Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Project by the deadline to the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) – Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC).
Landowners, families, and friends of our Eastern Oregon communities must submit their comments by August 22nd or they will not be able to continue in the state’s siting process in the future. By commenting one has, “standing.” A person must have standing in order to qualify for a contested case (aka appeal.) All comments, snail mail or via email, need to be received in Salem by Thursday, August 22nd by 5 pm, Pacific Time. You may write as many comments as you want. You can address one topic in each comment letter–or many topics in one letter—it doesn’t matter. The procedures are strict in terms of commenting and you need to cite a rule or standard that is not being met and state why it is not being met, or challenge a conclusion in the application or State’s Draft Proposed Order (DPO.)
To help our STOP B2H supporters with their comment letters, we have developed a number of tools and they are on our website at there are sample letters with volunteers writing more daily!
There is also a “How to Guide” and a template for how to address and send your letter or email. For more information visit our web site at and check out the links on the home page; call us at 541-406-0727, or email us at