LA GRANDE:  Simulation of a MCI took place

LA GRANDE: Simulation of a MCI took place

A lot of activity occurred at the La Grande High School, Monday. With 6 months to a year planning, Law Enforcements and Rescue operations took part in a Mass Causality Drill (MCI). Lt. Gary Bell of the La Grande Police Department said, there was medical personnel from Grande Ronde Hospital, CHD, and the first responder organization throughout Union County, which includes law enforcement. One of the primary objectives is to exercise the inter-operability amongst all the partnering agencies. A Mass Casualty Incident requires all of the agencies to work together. Bell went on and said, “On a day-to-day operation a Mass Casualty Incident doesn’t happen, but if it did, all the teams would mesh together, it would take a lot of teamwork.” There were 75 role players that participated, including students that took part as being some of the victims.
An operations command center was set up in the high school, for the main communications center. If this were a real Mass Casualty Incident a separate mobile command post would be set up.

(Photo of victim being transported)

(Photo of MCI command center)