LA GRANDE: Streets closed for a drill

Today, August 12, 2019, local public safety agencies are partnering with Grande Ronde Hospital, La Grande School District, and the Center for Human Development in a scenario-based training exercise that will simulate a Mass Casualty Incident.
This training will exercise the response, collaboration, and incident command protocols of our police officers and medical personnel; the rescue, collection, and transport of injured persons; and the triage, treatment, and tracking of persons injured in a Mass Casualty Incident.
The training exercise will be located in the western portion of the La Grande High School, on K Avenue in front of the High School, and at Grande Ronde Hospital.
During the exercise, K Avenue between 2nd Street and Sunset Avenue will be closed to through traffic. The street closure will be in effect from 12 pm to 5 pm.
This street closure is to provide for the safety of the role players and participants in the exercise. Residents who live within the closure area will be able to travel to and from their residence. There will be signs posted in the area providing notice of the training.
Training exercises such as this are essential for our first responders, medical professionals, and educators to develop and maintain their proficiencies and readiness to respond to the needs of our community. We appreciate your support and understanding while we work to better serve our community.

The following agencies and organizations are participating in this exercise:
Union County Emergency Services
La Grande Police Department
Union County Sheriff’s Office
Oregon State Police
Grande Ronde Hospital
Life Flight Network
City of La Grande Fire Department
La Grande Rural Fire Department
Imbler Rural Fire Protection District
Elgin Ambulance
La Grande School District
Center for Human Development

This advisory is intended to apprise our community and media partners of this training exercise and street closure, so everyone is aware that this is only a training exercise.
If any police, medical, or other similar major operations are undertaken on this date, which is not related to this training, we will notify our media partners as per our standard protocols.
If you have questions, please contact:
Gary Bell, Lieutenant – La Grande Police Department -or-
JB Brock, Director – Union County Emergency Services