PENDLETON:  Trained workforce essential for development

PENDLETON: Trained workforce essential for development

Pendleton Economic Development Director Steve Chrisman is not just working to attract growth to the Round-Up City. He said if you don’t have employees for those companies to hire, efforts toward attracting new businesses or encouraging expansion are doomed to fail.

“Workforce is what hinders a lot of companies from expanding,” he said. “The more we can try to train up local workers here and try to draw new folks into town, the easier it gets for our major employees.”

In addition to training opportunities, like those offered at Blue Mountain Community College, Chrisman said there must be a place for workers to call home.

“You’re not going to make huge investments if you don’t have the bodies to fill the line to make the product,” he said. “So, you actually have to have those bodies here, and you’ve got to have housing to house those bodies.”

Chrisman said inroads are being made steadily to ease Pendleton’s housing shortage. That includes the apartments being built on Westgate and the next phase of development at Pendleton Heights on Tutuilla Road as well as the homes being built at Sunridge Estates.