PENDLETON:  City has the stick, next comes the carrot

PENDLETON: City has the stick, next comes the carrot

Eyesores in Pendleton’s urban renewal district have now been defined legally and will be subject to fines. City council President McKennon McDonald says the change is due to citizens expressing concern about abandoned homes and buildings.

“It ties in pretty closely with more homelessness and different things that are now facing our downtown, and even the river parkway, and the urban renewal district,” she said.

The city council also acts as the Pendleton Development Commission. While fines are the stick to force improvements, City Manager Robb Corbett says the PDC is working on the carrot to encourage property owners.

“Some incentives are going to be proposed by the Pendleton Development Commission to be able to try and help owners in that area clean up the properties,” Corbett said.

The PDC already offers grants and low-interest loans to owners wanting to make façade improvements or renovate their upper stories.