EASTERN OREGON:  Findley on wildfire readiness

EASTERN OREGON: Findley on wildfire readiness

Representative Lynn Findley (R-Vale) was recently appointed to the Governor’s Wildfire Response Council. The Wildfire Response Council will examine Oregon’s current model for wildfire prevention, preparedness, and response, and then analyze if it is maintainable with the escalation of Oregon’s wildfires. If the Council concludes Oregon’s current model is not sustainable, then they will develop recommendations to improve or replace existing systems.
“In order to protect our natural resources, our local economies, and most importantly fellow Oregonians, we must do everything in our power to ensure that our wildfire response is as effective and streamlined as possible,” said Rep. Findley.
He continued, “Oregon will continue to see more severe wildfires in the future, and we must be ready. We can no longer sit idly by hoping that this problem will solve itself. I look forward to working with the other members of the Wildfire Response Council in finding solutions to this problem.”
The Wildfire Response Council’s first meeting is on Monday, March 18th in Portland.