LA GRANDE:  Tiny affordable homes for Veterans

LA GRANDE: Tiny affordable homes for Veterans

Several Veterans in Union County have a hard time finding affordable housing. Bryron Whipple the Union County Veteran Service Officer, Gus Tsiatsos developer with GCT land management, got their heads together on an idea to bring affordable housing to veterans.
“We are attempting to provide affordable houses for single veterans in Union County and Northeast Oregon in general. We have a great need for housing for single veterans and single people that is affordable.”
Tsiatsos the developer said there will be a few tiny homes built at a time.
“We’ll build it in stages, there will be 10 single tiny homes that the city is allowing in a new ordinance, so we are putting 10 of those in, about 480 square feet each.”
The hopes of getting started in an undisclosed location in La Grande will start this summer, 2019. It is possible, if this project is a hit in Union County, it will expand to other counties in our region. The City of La Grande is on the same page according to Whipple on getting the project started and the Planning Commission will have the project on their agenda in March. Whipple went on to say “it’s not qualifications that will qualify a person but it is needed. There will be referrals from the VA, which is the highest need that will be looked at.” The funding will come from an unnamed partnership for the land and development of the project.