WALLA WALLA:  Two fires are ‘suspicious’

WALLA WALLA: Two fires are ‘suspicious’

Over the past two weeks, firefighters have been busy responding to two late night fires. Both blazes are deemed to be suspicious in nature, although the fire department is currently not able to declare either fire to be a case of arson.

The first was a commercial building fire on January 7 at N. Ninth and Rees avenues. Walla Walla Fire Chief Bob Yancey said it started just before midnight on the outside of the building. Crews responded and were able to save the commercial building.

The second blaze was this past Monday night. Firefighters responded just before midnight to a house fire on the 800 block of Valencia Street.

Yancey said that fire was reported by someone walking a dog. Nobody was home at the time. Yancey said someone did say someone at that location may have been burning leaves in the backyard earlier in the day.

Yancey said the flames quickly moved into the attics of both structures in the two separate incidents.

“In both of these buildings, the fire went up the outside of the building and found a hole,” he said. “The house we responded to Monday night didn’t have a cover on the attic access, so the fire shot right inside the attic. The commercial building, the fire got up under the eaves.”

No injuries were reported with either fire.