NORTHEAST OREGON:  65 indicted in drug sting operation

NORTHEAST OREGON: 65 indicted in drug sting operation

According to the Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts, an investigation of 116 undercover drug purchases in a sting operation in a seven-month investigation, by the Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team recently conducted. The team focused on known drug houses which resulted in 65 being indicted on Wednesday. This sting operation was to take down drug trafficking organizations in northeast Oregon, including Union, Umatilla, Morrow, and Gilliam Counties. Along with Pendleton Police, the Union County Sheriff’s Department also participated in the arrest. In the seven month investigation, 1,447 grams of Meth, 39.5 grams of Heroin, 22 Fentanyl pills, 5.9 grams of Coke, and two firearms were seized. As of Thursday, approximately 85-law enforcement, corrections, parole & probation, Department of Human Services Child Protective Services and prosecutorial personnel formed 11 arrest teams charged with locating/arresting indicted persons, seizing illegally possessed/obtained items, and vetting associated persons.
The Pendleton Convention Center served as the main command and processing facility. Umatilla County Jail staff was on-site to book and process arrested persons.
Approximately 16 of the indicted persons were already in the custody of various jails or state correctional facilities when the arrest warrants were issued.