LA GRANDE:  Stolen vehicle found in Pasco

LA GRANDE: Stolen vehicle found in Pasco

A La Grande man was arrested by members of the Pasco, Washington Police Department last night after being found to be in possession of a stolen vehicle.

The following information on what lead to the arrest of Jason Pellerin was issued by the Pasco Police Department and can be found in its entirety below.

“When a car alarm goes off, most people ignore them though that was not the case a couple of mornings ago on January 16th at around 0100 hours.
Exterior: Wal-Mart Parking lot, early morning hours, a cool chill is in the air, keeping most people inside.
Pasco K-9 Officer Brad Leininger is hard at work and hears something. A car alarm, coming from a vehicle parked at Wal-Mart. He drives over to it and attempts to notify Seccom dispatch but many of his words are drowned out by the barking of K-9 Jucon in the backseat. Does Jucon sense he may be needed shortly or is this normal behavior for this four-legged furry beast?
Officer Leininger makes contact at the vehicle as the alarm still sounds, with 2 females inside of it. A male exits the store, jogging slightly hitting the key fob attempting to turn off the alarm which is still sounding. Some words exchanged and the male gives Officer Leininger his ID.
Officer Leininger informs the male there are no plates on the vehicle, and he will return, once he verifies the vehicle isn’t stolen.
YET, the vehicle WAS stolen (gasp), and once Officer Leininger found out he told the male to stop and stay where he was. The male determines it was now time to show his best Steve Prefontaine impression and he took off with a shot.
“Are You For Real”, the Officers on scene shout as they observe him running away from them and Officer Nunez and Reserve Officer Roske take off in pursuit (play chase music for best reading experience).
Jucons door is opened and with a quick pounce out the car, he is ready for the chase. Yet Officers Nunez and Roske steal his glory and quickly capture the male and place him in handcuffs. He’s identified as Jason Pellerin (DOB 11/2/1983), out of La Grande Oregon.
Further information is obtained that Jason allegedly stole the vehicle from LaGrande and along with his girlfriend, drove all the way out to Pasco to pick up a friend and return her home. While the intentions were good in helping a friend, the whole stealing a car kind of negates any positive karma.
K9 Jucon did have another task though and it wasn’t long before he alerted to the presence of possible narcotics in the vehicle.

Located in the vehicle was some meth. Also located were some items that had been stolen from Oregon including a leather saddlebag and some keys.
Mr. Pellerin was booked into accommodating Franklin County Corrections on the charges of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.
PPD 19-01415”