BAKER COUNTY:  Highways affected during power outages

BAKER COUNTY: Highways affected during power outages

The Oregon Department of Transportation is reminding citizens that when the power goes out, highway systems can be affected. Travelers, who are in an area where traffic lights are either flashing or out, the basic rules should be followed to keep yourself and others safe.

ODOT says that when traffic lights are not properly working travelers should:
• Treat the intersection as an all-way stop: Come to a full stop. Look both ways for other traffic and pedestrians; when it is safe, drive cautiously through the intersection.
• If there is other traffic, common courtesy requires that the driver who stops first goes first.
• If in doubt, yield to the driver on your right.

ODOT reminds of the importance of being alert at railroad crossings that may able be affected by a power outage and to use headlights when traveling in tunnels or on bridges.