WALLA WALLA:  Cop shortage

WALLA WALLA: Cop shortage

The new year has just begun but with it comes to a problem for the Walla Walla Police Department. Chief Scott Bieber warns this year the department will be dealt with some staffing issues.

“We currently have one opening,” Bieber said. “We got two retirements coming up before April and we could have seven to eight open positions this year in a department of 48.”

According to Bieber, the department will be working to recruit new officers.

“If you know anybody interested in being an officer in Walla Walla, get a hold of human resources and get your application in,” Bieber said.

Applicants must apply with the city of Walla Walla’s Human Resources Department. More information is available by calling 509-527-4475, emailing hr@wallawalla.gov, or visiting the website at https://wallawallawa.gov/government/human-resources. The openings Bieber mentions are in the future. Only one opening is currently listed on the HR website.