OREGON:  Woodscamp Technologies, now available

OREGON: Woodscamp Technologies, now available

(Information from WoodsCamp)
WoodsCamp is now available in Oregon to help private woodland owners learn more about opportunities available on their land. From wildfire mitigation strategies to becoming a certified family forest, WoodsCamp matches the landowner’s goals with management options available on that specific parcel of land. “WoodsCamp is an exciting new way to empower Oregon’s landowners to take action to reduce their fire risk and protect the forests we all rely on” says Tom Fry, the Director of Western Forest Conservation at the American Forest Foundation.
How to access the Free report?
1. Go to the website oregon.woodscamp.com
2. Find your property on the map
3. Answer a few quick questions about your property goals
4. Receive your FREE personalized report with opportunities available on your land
5. Book a FREE forester visit to discuss your options and available funding opportunities,
provide technical recommendations and develop a stewardship plan.
How does it work?
WoodsCamp collects and analyzes data which includes (but is not limited to) forest cover, soil
content, wildlife habitats, and wildfire threats for each state. By combining this data with responses from landowners about their goals and values, we match landowners with potential
management (and available funding) opportunities which are available in their region. These
management opportunities are then confirmed by scheduling a walk-through of your land with a
local forest professional. We can help you take the guesswork out of knowing what the best
option is for your land.

About Our Company:
WoodsCamp is a platform provided by the American Forest Foundation* to help private forest
landowners connect with programs, services, and forest professionals to help them care for
their land. By leveraging the best available mapping data, WoodsCamp creates a FREE
personalized report highlighting opportunities matched to a landowner’s goals and the condition
in their forest. https://oregon.woodscamp.com/

American Forest Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with private woodland owner’s and other partners to promote forest stewardship that helps keep our forests healthy and producing the clean water, natural wildlife habitat and sustainable wood supplies that all Americans count on from the forest.