EASTERN OREGON:  Voter turnout is low

EASTERN OREGON: Voter turnout is low

Voter turnout so far for the upcoming election is low across Eastern Oregon. With only a handful of days left to get your vote in, registered voters are reminded that it is too late to mail your ballots in but you still have time to drop them off, as the deadline is 8pm November 6th.

Below is a look at the most current voter turn out percentages per county as of Friday, Nov 2nd

Baker 11,893 4,752 40.0%
Benton 58,430 20,092 34.4%
Clackamas 288,458 94,511 32.8%
Clatsop 27,931 10,103 36.2%
Columbia 37,580 12,073 32.1%
Coos 44,368 14,757 33.3%
Crook 17,336 6,504 37.5%
Curry 17,123 7,283 42.5%
Deschutes 136,121 54,830 40.3%
Douglas 78,439 25,764 32.8%
Gilliam 1,334 579 43.4%
Grant 5,325 2,379 44.7%
Harney 5,054 2,061 40.8%
Hood River 14,658 6,077 41.5%
Jackson 153,665 56,670 36.9%
Jefferson 14,492 4,914 33.9%
Josephine 64,745 20,306 31.4%
Klamath 44,528 15,286 34.3%
Lake 5,065 2,006 39.6%
Lane 261,132 79,272 30.4%
Lincoln 35,420 12,035 34.0%
Linn 87,338 27,208 31.2%
Malheur 15,405 4,649 30.2%
Marion 200,483 59,464 29.7%
Morrow 6,146 2,003 32.6%
Multnomah 538,951 168,493 31.3%
Polk 55,820 17,996 32.2%
Sherman 1,362 566 41.6%
Tillamook 19,259 7,177 37.3%
Umatilla 43,567 12,549 28.8%
Union 17,863 6,363 35.6%
Wallowa 5,592 2,312 41.3%
Wasco 17,117 6,182 36.1%
Washington 360,874 93,299 25.9%
Wheeler 1,003 526 52.4%
Yamhill 68,449 21,677 31.7%
Statewide Totals 2,762,326 882,718 32.0%



Additionally, Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has released the following information in regards to the upcoming election.
“You have just a few days left to turn in your ballot for the November 6 election. Initial results will be posted on results.oregonvotes.gov starting at 8:00 pm on Tuesday.
There has been a lot of misinformation about this election, and I expect more the closer we get to Tuesday. Some voters have been contacted by non-official entities telling them, incorrectly, that they are not registered to vote or that their voter registration is inactive. There have been incorrect statements and stories that it is too late to secure our elections and that our election system is easily hackable. Those stories are not true.
Well-intentioned individuals and groups are setting up websites and blogs with old and outdated information about voter registration and drop boxes, while others may be trying to prevent you from voting by intentionally providing false and misleading information. During every election cycle, people incorrectly post that one party votes on Tuesday and another party votes on Wednesday. Don’t fall for this misinformation.
Other information you may see or hear is from other states. For example, some ballots in California will require two stamps. All ballots in Oregon require only one stamp. You can also vote without a stamp by returning your ballot to an official drop box. In some other states with different election systems, they reject ballots when signatures do not match. In Oregon, if your signature does not match, you are notified and given an opportunity to correct it.
I know it is hard to navigate what is true and what is not during this election season, so I encourage you to not believe everything you hear or see. If you have a question or concern you can trust my office and the 36 county election offices for official and accurate information. Go to oregonvotes.gov for information on this election.
At oregonvotes.gov, you can:
1) check your voter record,
2) track your ballot,
3) find an official dropbox,
4) access the Voters’ Pamphlet online,
5) check election results, and
6) find other relevant information.
In addition, my team will be publishing election news via the Oregon Elections YouTube channel every day between now and Election Day.
I want to help every eligible Oregonian participate in every election, and my team and I are doing everything we can to ensure we provide accurate and official information.
Remember, all ballots must be received by 8:00 pm on Tuesday, November 6. Postmarks do NOT count. To be safe, from this point on, I recommend returning your ballot to a drop box. You can find a dropbox here: oregonvotes.gov/dropbox.
I want to reiterate the importance of voting in the election. Thank you in advance for fulfilling this important civic duty.