LA GRANDE:  School off to a good start

LA GRANDE: School off to a good start

The Superintendent of the La Grande School District, George Mendoza spoke on how the new school year is off and running so far. One exciting item for students is the lunch program; Mendoza spoke about a new food service company.
“We have a new food service company, a new food service manager, and brought in a chef. The chef is teaching everyone the recipes, the food prep, the presentation, basically all the logistics, adding learning to our staff. The outcome is that our kids love the food, kids love the taste, really like the appearance, and they want more food.”
The student’s say they wish they had food like this long ago. Taher works in 150 other schools districts in ten other states.
Also, the board goal for the 2018-2019 school years is communications, approving academics, and attendance. During the school board meeting, Mendoza said the heating and cooling system is not completed at the high school, looking at the end of October. Greenwood school will be getting an upgrade as well, and the Island City School has completed the heating and cooling project.
Mendoza encourages parents and alike to take a survey on the school’s website.