JOHN DAY: Population recovery through housing incentive

JOHN DAY: Population recovery through housing incentive

Last night the John Day City Council unanimously passed an ordinance approving the John Day Housing Incentive Plan, as well as directing that Notice of Approval to be published.

Here’s John Day City Manager Nick Green with more on the incentive:

“We set out with a fairly aggressive strategy to recover the population that John Day has lost, since our population peaked in the ‘90s. So, what we saw, were that the incentives were not aligned for people to build new homes in John Day.”

Under the program, home-builders would get a 7% cash rebate on new home construction, based on the increase in the property’s assessed value. Also, there would be payment of system development charges on behalf of the property owner from the City of John Day.

During the public comment session, one citizen was against the incentive–saying it is merely a distribution of funds and likely won’t persuade people to build houses. John Day City officials stated there has already been public interest in the incentive.